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Heart and Soul

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In the first of the Swift River Valley Series of novels, this Inspirational Romance features Lucky O’Rourke as an amateur sleuth after he found the body of a young girl at a construction site. Then Lucky meets Angie Prescotte, Kurt Maxxon’s driver of the number 27 Ford Fusion racecar. Angie is intrigued by Kurt and Christina’s serenity and faith in the future. She decides it is because of their faith in God and acceptance of Jesus Christ as their Savior. Angie asks Lucky, also a born-again Christian, to help her study the Bible. They meet to study as often as their busy schedules allow. When the killer of the young girl intervenes in their lives, Lucky and Angie have to deal with it as best they can. Will Lucky survive the killer’s kidnapping? Will Angie find the faith she desires?


racing to dead stop

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Followers of the Kurt Maxxon Series of mysteries ride with Kurt as he picks up a hitchhiker who introduces himself as Lucky O’Rourke. When Kurt and Lucky arrive at the racetrack, Kurt discovers the body of the track manager in a garage. Kurt begins his own investigation of the murder, with the help of Lucky. Lucky’s sister lives in town, but, is dying from cancer and his sister asks him to take care of her two children, after she is gone. Kurt helps Lucky establish himself in town; helps him find a job and buy a house. Then Lucky’s ex-wife is found dead in Mississippi. Lucky takes custody of his daughter, Olivia Maye. Kurt’s investigation into the murder proves to be dangerous to him and his wife, Christina. Will they survive? Will Lucky succeed in his new role?


dead man talking

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Readers of the Kurt Maxxon Mystery series will remember Alisa Sharpe as the woman accused of killing Rusty Gallegar in Kings Rapids. In this debut of the Alisa Sharpe Mystery Series, Alisa has built a comfortable life as lead investigator with Grossman Investigations. James Monroe Taeggardt’s sister found his body. Was his death a suicide, as ruled by the medical examiner? Or was it a homicide as his sister, Hedda, maintains? Hedda is so sure her brother did not commit suicide she hires Grossman Investigations and lead investigator, Alisa J. Sharpe, to prove it. Early in the probe, Alisa discovers a myriad of quotes from classic novels and the bible. Why did J.W. leave so many tapes? Why did he hide them? Alisa’s investigation leaves her life shattered with a determination to pick up the pieces. Without the support of Kurt and Christina Maxxon, Alisa might not have managed to maintain her composure and grow in her faith. Will J.W.’s perspective on life bring Alisa peace of mind and an answer to how he died?


gunning for the finish

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When Kurt Maxxon arrives at the Centralia Racetrack, he is confronted by a gun-wielding man with a wad of cash in his free hand. Inside the driver’s lounge, Kurt finds the body of local race driver Melvyn Hightower—shot dead—his wallet rifled. Kurt has no doubt the gun-wielding man did it—until they can’t find the dead man’s racecar. Who shot Melvyn Hightower? Why? Where is Melvyn’s car? Kurt is surrounded by possibilities, but no clear answers. The facts are leading to nothing but dead ends. Could this be the first case Kurt cannot solve?

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