Meet Alisa Sharpe

Jim Overturf talks about Alisa Sharpe character

I met a cute little woman with a fiery head of hair. Her name is Alisa Sharpe and her hazel eyes present a no-nonsense appearance. The last time I talked to her, she said, “I’m currently in a totally satisfying relationship with a man I adore and who, in turn, treats me like the Queen of Sheba.”

The first time I met Alisa, the circumstances were not so happy. I interviewed her while she was in jail on suspicion of murder. She said, “I’m Alisa J. Sharpe. The middle initial stands for Janelle. I hate the name. It turned out to be the name of the woman my father ran off with.”

Alisa has had a fairly hard life. Her earliest jobs were as a waitress. Her first husband was sent to prison for a homicide during a drug deal gone bad. “The first time I met you was a low point of my life. You remember, I had been arrested for Rusty Gallegar’s murder,” Alisa said in a soft voice. “But, then, as often happens, that low-point was a turning point. I went to college and took police science, and here I am. Alisa J. Sharpe, private investigator.”

She sipped on her coffee mug, then continued. “Mutt Sparks, my mentor at the newspaper where I worked, asked his friend, Kurt Maxxon, to prove that I didn’t kill Rusty. Kurt came to interview me in jail. Kurt was one of my idols, being a champion race car driver, and all. He agreed to help and forced the real killer to show his hand.”

The waitress arrived to refill our mugs.

“Kurt and I have been very close friends ever since.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Readers of the Kurt Maxxon series will remember Kurt meeting Alisa in Kings Rapids. She also came to root for Kurt at Carpentier Falls and again at Centralia racetrack in Gunning for the “Finish.

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