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dead man talking

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Readers of the Kurt Maxxon Mystery series will remember Alisa Sharpe as the woman accused of killing Rusty Gallegar in Kings Rapids. In this debut of the Alisa Sharpe Mystery Series, Alisa has built a comfortable life as lead investigator with Grossman Investigations. James Monroe Taeggardt’s sister found his body. Was his death a suicide, as ruled by the medical examiner? Or was it a homicide as his sister, Hedda, maintains? Hedda is so sure her brother did not commit suicide she hires Grossman Investigations and lead investigator, Alisa J. Sharpe, to prove it. Early in the probe, Alisa discovers a myriad of quotes from classic novels and the bible. Why did J.W. leave so many tapes? Why did he hide them? Alisa’s investigation leaves her life shattered with a determination to pick up the pieces. Without the support of Kurt and Christina Maxxon, Alisa might not have managed to maintain her composure and grow in her faith. Will J.W.’s perspective on life bring Alisa peace of mind and an answer to how he died?


gunning for the finish

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When Kurt Maxxon arrives at the Centralia Racetrack, he is confronted by a gun-wielding man with a wad of cash in his free hand. Inside the driver’s lounge, Kurt finds the body of local race driver Melvyn Hightower—shot dead—his wallet rifled. Kurt has no doubt the gun-wielding man did it—until they can’t find the dead man’s racecar. Who shot Melvyn Hightower? Why? Where is Melvyn’s car? Kurt is surrounded by possibilities, but no clear answers. The facts are leading to nothing but dead ends. Could this be the first case Kurt cannot solve?



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Two young African-American boys stumble onto the dead body of Kurt’s good friend, Carlos Guerrero, owner of the Trattoria Restaurant, serving Cuban cuisine.





kings rapids

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Race driver Kurt Maxxon’s quiet life of racing stockcars and training his new puppy, Beau, is turned upside down after he finds well-known local driver Rusty Gallegar shot to death at the racetrack. Very quickly into the investigation, the police arrest Alisa Sharpe, Gallegar’s live-in mistress, who Gallegar kicked out shortly before the shooting. According to the police, Alisa lied about key items, and the evidence against her Is compelling. Kurt’s friend, Mutt Sparks, adamantly maintains that Alisa is innocent. Kurt visits Alisa in jail and launches his own investigation. He quickly determines that Gallegar was going to sell out and leave town. Kurt also discovers a string of women who traded sex to keep Gallegar from reporting accidents. Other secrets and intrigues turn up at every corner of the investigation. Love, Infidelity, jealousy, gossip and revenge surround the case. Kurt applies his unique logic and approach to find out who killed Rusty Gallegar.



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Kurt Maxxon has been a successful stock car race driver for a decade. But when he arrives at the Masonville Oval racetrack and finds the bludgeoned body of the track’s general manager, Elaine Willowby, on the floor in a driver’s garage, he finds a new calling as an amateur sleuth. Kurt believes he is obligated to help find the murderer, and while the police focus on the missing driver who rents the garage, Kurt looks elsewhere. Through masterful logic and innovative approaches, Kurt works through his own list of suspects until he forces the real killer to make a move against him to shut him up. The first novel in the Kurt Maxxon series, Masonville takes the reader on a wild ride through the world of stock car racing, murder, and mystery.

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