Meet Jim’s Characters

Meet Kurt Maxxon

When Lt. Col. Kurt Maxxon retired from the U.S. Marine Corps in 1992, after twenty years as a fighter pilot, he had been dabbling in stock car racing for a little over four years. He’d won eight of the twenty-seven races he started and had seven top-ten finishes.

Kurt retired to his boyhood home of Albertstown, in the Swift River Valley. He bought an established auto parts store and took up stock car racing full time. He joined the Swift River Valley Stock Car Racing Association (SRVSCRA) and ran in nearly all the nine-per-year racing meets, plus most of the annual post-season Shootout Specials between the top ten racers for the year. Read More

Meet Alisha Sharpe

Jim Overturf talks about Alisa Sharpe character

I met a cute little woman with a fiery head of hair. Her name is Alisa Sharpe and her hazel eyes present a no-nonsense appearance. The last time I talked to her, she said, “I’m currently in a totally satisfying relationship with a man I adore and who, in turn, treats me like the Queen of Sheba.”

The first time I met Alisa, the circumstances were not so happy. I interviewed her while she was in jail on suspicion of murder. She said, “I’m Alisa J. Sharpe. The middle initial stands for Janelle. I hate the name. It turned out to be the name of the woman my father ran off with.” Read More

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